Approximately seven years ago a new sound from Africa found its way to the Western dance scene. Born in Africa, this sound is characterized by harmonious, almost even cinematic elements with a dark and deep bassline, covered with vocals and directed by original drums. Upon this day this sound does not have a definitive name yet, we simply call it African House.

Liberation has been one of the major influencors in the Dutch dance scene for this sound. Being an early adapter, it picked up this new sound and started creating a movement in 2012. By now Liberation can be described as thé African House event of the Netherlands and has created an impressive resume since its existence.


Liberation found its existence in 2012 by a predilection for this music style. The lack of a suchlike event in the Dutch dance scene manifested in the motivation to realise this one of a kind event. The main goal of the organization is to create a platform to this sound whom matches to the vision of the creator of Liberation.
Liberation stands out by always inviting an unique combination

of international artists whom have been of influence for the success of African House. Black Coffee, Osunlade, Culoe De Song, Djeff Afrozila, Boddhi Satva, Omar, Zakes Bantwini and many more artists have performed in unseen, firsttime collaborations with each other.


22 november 2012
Soulroots & Rancido (NL) | Livv Rotterdam

23 maart 2013
Ivan Diaz (USA) | Livv Rotterdam

16 augustus 2013
Lars Behrenroth & Ade Alafia live (USA) | Bird Rotterdam

15 november 2013
Black Coffee | Bird Rotterdam (RSA) | Bird Rotterdam

28 februari 2014
Culoe De Song (RSA) & Boddhi Satva (CF) | Livv Rotterdam

30 mei 2014
Rocco (FR) & Manoo (FR) | Livv Rotterdam

29 augustus 2014
Djeff Afrozila (AGO) & Chappell live (RSA) | Bird Rotterdam

15 oktober 2014
Joe Claussel (USA) & Black Coffee (RSA)
(ADE Collaboration)

17 oktober 2014
Black Coffee, Culoe De Song & Em Ex (RSA) | Bird Rotterdam

29 maart 2015
Boddhi Satva (CF) & Omar live (UK) | Bird Rotterdam

19 juni 2015
Djeff Afrozila (AGO) | Bird Rotterdam

24 juli 2015
Mi Casa (RSA)
Collaboration Afro Latin Social Club | Bird Rotterdam

17 oktober 2015
Djeff Afrozila (AGO) & Boddhi Satva (CF)
(ADE Collaboration)

18 december 2015
Boddhi Satva (CF)
Collaboration Afro Latin Social Club | Bird Rotterdam

26 februari 2016
Unplugged (RSA) | Bird Rotterdam

10 juni 2016
Osunlade (US) & Hyenah (DE) | Toffler Rotterdam

20 oktober 2016
Shimza (RSA) & Caianda (PT)
Amsterdam Dance Event – North Sea Jazz club

10 augustus 2017
Hyenah (DE) | Suicide Club Rotterdam

5 november 2017
Manoo (FR) & Buruntuma (PT) | Suicide Club Rotterdam

9 maart 2018
Djeff Afrozila, Boddhi Satva, Zakes Bantwini (RSA),
Hyenah & Minco (DE) | Collaboration with RISE)



Next to booking international headliners, whom by now attract soldout venues in both the underground as the mainstream House market, Liberation spends a lot of attention to the experience of the visitor, or as we like to call it, the Liberators. Several themes are binded to increase the connection between the Liberators and

the event; African make-up, Glow in the Dark, African Mask etcetera. Through this method of pushing the sound, Liberation has created a solid group of supporters over the years.


For the past 5 years the main focus of Liberation has been on creating a platform for the African House sound in the Netherlands. To increase both the brand Liberation, as the music, both national as international, Liberation will start with collaboration, merchandise and a label in 2018/2019.

In order for Liberation to spread her wings we want to foreign collaborations with international promotors or venues. In 2018 Liberation has planned the following collaborations:

•March 9th 2018: Liberation invites Rise at Annabel Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
•May 19th 2018: May Celeberation invites Liberation at the Artize Lounge in Durban, South Africa.
•August 25h 2018: Rise invites Liberation at the Watergate Berlin, in Germany.

Liberation was invited by South African artist Em Ex, whom is signed at Black Coffee’s Soulisic Music, to do a cooperation with his event May Celebration in Durban, South Africa.




What began 6 years ago as a one-off in Rotterdam, takes now place in other cities around the globe.
Commited to innovation and experience, Liberation has earned the distinction of being one of the World’s Leading Dance Events in the afro house scene.

It succeeds in creating an atmosphere of togetherness where Liberation stands for the particular sound of African house on the highest level.

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